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How Not To Be So Foreign...In A Foreign Country
Moving To A Different Country Isn't Always Easy, But With An International Social Network Such As EXPATS Living In Rome,Navigating Through The System Is Not So Overwhelming.

Expats living in ROME is an international social network run by expatriates living and working in Rome.
We are generally age 25 or over, and meet regularly for; happy hourdinner,  language exchange, speed meeting, and day trips. We welcome newcomers to join.
Coming alone for the first time? Don't worry! We have more than 5 members on the E-TEAM at each event  ready to introduce you and help you mingle with others. The regulars in the group and evening hosts will welcome you and introduce you to others. Please let us know how we can best help you in the areas of networking, making friends, language exchange, and finding housing, or looking for work.
We usually speak in English while socializing, though we are not obligated to speak in any one language. Many people are there exchanging languages already, while making new friends, and discovering common interest. Come join us!!

This group is for people that are looking to meet others that live & work in ROME. A place to help one another overcome obstacles, and share ideas.
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Expats living in Rome
About us
Moving to another country and making friends is not easy, I created "Expats living in Rome" for this reason.  When I first arrived in 2000  I found myself constantly making friends that were leaving after a few months which later became depressing, and a cycle.  Now I have many friends that are here long term, and also of course a great International Social network.
"Expats living in Rome" has become the most popular International group in ROME!! Check out our guestbook here and ready what others are saying.
We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service for your expats needs, from working, living, and relocating to Rome, Italy. 
Our goal is to help one another and make life a little easier while making Rome our Home. The most important message we can give to those moving to Italy is have a good network around you. Be around people that are motivated and  have already been living in Rome and making it work for them. Hope that helps.
We look forward to meeting you soon!
The Rome Expats Team


Rome, Italy
Office +39338.677.1753
Email Rome-expats@hotmail.com
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